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Some examples of Custom Thermal applications:
Headers/ Exhaust
-Show chrome appearance                              -Reduces metal fatigue and oxidation
-Reduced radiated heat                                   -Increases power efficiency
-Chemical and corrosion protection                 - Hi-Luster Silver or Cast Iron Grey
-Reduced heat under hood
For more information regarding applications or pricing, please contact CTC
Intake Manifold
​-Show chrome appearance                               -Increases flow through ports
-Flow improvements through intake ports
-Corrosion Inhibitor
-Performance Gains
​-Creates thermal barrier that reduces termperatures
Starter/ Alternator
-Show chrome appearance                                -Extended electrical efficiency
-Thermal protection                                         -Highly resistant to thermal shock
-Decrease operating temperatures
-Reduce metal fatigue
-Extended part life
-More combustion chamber efficiency               -Dry film lubrication on skirts
-Reduces carbon build up                                 -Reduces friction and wear
-Increases flame travel                                    -Extended part life
-Decrease in operating temperatures
-Reduces fuel drop out                                     -Produces more usable power
-Longer part life                                              -More compression for leaner fuel mixes
-Gains in power efficiency                                -Reduces heat transfer
-Reduces erosion and metal fatigue